Friday, 22 March 2013

Are the developers really developing softwares and hardwares for better computing for Windows ?

 You must be thinking why I made this post, and your question is correct too. Nowadays people look for higher spec devices for them, regardless of thinking what would be of use to them and what would be a perfect device for them. They look hard drive capacity, if it's 1TB they say Wow!. They look on the processor if it is an 3rd gen Intel Core i processor, they say Wow! And many such things. But think it my way. This post is about how I look on the developing technology.

 Increase in hard drive space means you will store more things in it, and it will lead to more system caching and ultimately slowing of your whole PC! And nowadays I don't know why the developers have lost their basic thing about programming and that basic thing is that the software or programme must be small in size. And the software developers are now developing softwares which are very big in size that is Bloatwares. Even a data card's software is about 20MB in size. If you now start thinking that a software have its size depending on the things that are binded to it and if the binded things are large the software will also be large and the binded things are meant for flawless working of the hardware for which they are made. Then let me draw your attention on a fact, in Ubuntu if you plug a data card it won't work directly (it also doesn't work directly in Windows too you have to install a driver software which is about 20MB or more in size) you have to open terminal and write one or two lines of code and some file editing and you are done to use your data card and this whole process will consume only about 100byte data of your hard disk. If you further look on Ubuntu you can see the complete OS is about only 700 MB in size including all Office softwares and as it is open source you don't need to purchase it. And if you install Ubuntu on a dual core Pentium laptop with 2GB RAM and install Windows 7 or 8 on a 2nd gen i5 with 4GB RAM. You can clearly see that the Pentium computer with Ubuntu as OS will be faster than the i5 with Win7 or 8. And the cut, copy, paste will be faster too in Ubuntu. Even on a USB 2.0 port you can copy a 1GB file within a minute! Which is almost about the USB 3.0 port of a system having Windows!

 Coming to gaming, if you buy a laptop and will to play high end games you will at least need a 1GB dedicated graphics card in it. Which will lead on high heat emission, less battery backup. If you need to play graphic intense games just buy a gaming console like Xbox or Play Station. Let computing be computing and computers be computers not a gaming box!

 Computers are meant for computing and softwares are meant to fully utilize the hardware. My point is not of showing Windows a laggy and lazy OS. My point is that the developers who are developing softwares for Windows and hardwares are either in contract with each other or they just don't know why they are developing things. Specially in Windows the OS can not fully utilise the hardware and which makes people feel that the hardware is not up to the mark and then they upgrade their hardware (hardware company earns) and then only after some days a new software comes which need a newer generation of hardware for their utilization. And people again upgrade their hardware. There are many ways in which the developers can develop softwares that need less processing.

 In my opinion use Ubuntu for your home computing because its the only OS which is meant for only computing. And if you now question me how you will be able to play games that are more graphic intense then just go and buy a Play Station ! And connect it with your 42" 3D TV and play like never before ! And if you follow this. I can surely bet you will be saving your hard earned money for sure.

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